Shannon McClintock Miller, Van Meter Community School District Teacher Librarian, is just one out of a handful of individuals highlighted on the "Faces of Innovation" website for teaching her students the benefits of learning through the internet.

McClintock Miller’s project, "The Iowa Animal Research Project," allowed her kindergarten students to pick out an Iowa animal, research about the chosen animal, present the idea to the class, draw the animal online and then put the information in an eBook.

"We do projects like this all year long, but we took it a step further by having them share their information with the others," she said. "They do such great work so we hate to keep it to ourselves. It’s important to get kids’ work online because it gives them a real voice, not only with creating but with writing and creating art."

McClintock Miller said she also created a video montage of her kids’ artwork.

"It’s so powerful for any kids to show they are contributing to learning," she said. "Kindergarteners learned a lot by using the eBooks and other digital resources…It’s essential for kids to know these things because it’s the world they live in."

Through learning McClintock Miller said her students can also teach parents as well as other educators how to use different forms of technology.

"We see this at school all the time (kids teaching teachers and parents) because kids are so good at technology," she said. "A lot of people have jobs that use advanced technology so we need to have experts in the community like our kids."

McClintock Miller strives to teach her students through innovated thinking and incorporating technology every chance she can get.

"What we do in school now is project based which is really good because it shows off a student being an individual," McClintock Miller said. "Those are the projects that we now hear about on Twitter and Facebook which is so different than what we had 10 years ago.

"It’s so fun being in education and to see what kids are learning each day."

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