By Jolena Welker

Van Meter Library Director

Hello from Bulldog Country! I hope you all had a great 4th of July! The weather was pretty good on the 4th and we had lots of friends and family out for picnics and on the water. I did get to see my favorites in music and fireworks on PBS. I always wished I could see all the fireworks from the sky going off in the USA! What a sight to behold.

Well we have a busy week at your library coming up:

Wednesday - science experiments at 10am

Thursday - crocheting with Shannon at 6:30pm you can work on any project and I am very proud of several young ladies who have learned to knit this summer.

Friday - special snacks all day and at 4pm The Science Center of Iowa will be here to perform some boom, pop, fizz and reading for kids of all ages. So come out and enjoy and have fun with science.

We have had awesome donations of books and DVDs. I want to say a big "Thank you"! We have had several patrons say we have an awesome DVD collection. I would also like to say the Young Adult section has been growing and gets a lot of use. Thank you to our city council for supporting our library needs for several years in a row now. It is very appreciated.

I also have a lot of you tell me how much you like WILBOR and the e-books. Our library is one that takes part and pays for this service. You can go through your overdive app or google WILBOR. We have more than 15,000 titles there for you to choose ebooks for all ages and audio books from. This is also something your city council and library board of trustees supports. Thank you so much.

If you need help with online books, Books, DVDs, magazines, games, puzzles or information just let us know. You can contact Jolena or Michelle at 996-2435 at the library.

In the coffee corner we have been serving up Starbucks Blond coffees. Also come out and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants surrounding our building and in the park. One last note for the summer reading, the kid’s paper chain is over half way. Each link represents an hour of reading either by a child or teen. There is still time to join as our program does not end until August1st.