By Jolena Welker

Van Meter Library Director

Greetings from Van Meter! This Saturday is over cast but I have been so thankful for the rain. I even had to be out in it and it didn’t bother me. I remember as a child wanting to play in the rain and I guess I still enjoy it. Mud puddles and all! Well thank you to everyone for the encouraging thoughts and words on my interview with "Hidden Heartland". It went very well and I will let everyone know when it will be on TV right here. I enjoyed talking about the Visitor Legend and sharing a lot of the Van Meter history. Also Dallas County history and why I love living in Iowa. I feel so blessed to get to share about our community.

This week at your library we have:

Monday night - City Council meeting at 7pm at the Veteran’s Center. I will be giving the State of the library information and I love sharing pictures of what has been happening over the past year at different activities. Wednesday night - Crocheting and knitting with Shannon at 6:30pm at the library. Please feel free to bring any project you are working on and share with the group.

We have had a great week of organizing after the summer reading. We are still moving around a few shelves and other items. Thank you for bearing with us as we make improvements.

The Van Meter Visitor Festival Committee meeting went very well. We have a lot of great things planned for this event. Again mark your calendars September 27th 3-10:30 pm. We have a tentative schedule set. If you need information please give me a call at 996-2435. We also have vendors who are coming: food, authors, t-shirts, paranormal info, drinks, popcorn and there will also be an evening meal. We will have games of the time period 1903. We will also have several contests and prizes. Watch here for more information that will be coming and you won’t want to miss it! Chad Lewis, author, just called with more information yesterday and he has a few surprises coming.

We have new DVD’s ordered and new books coming in! We have had great cook books donated again and a few other older titles you won’t want to miss. We have brand new "Parent’s " and "Country" magazines.

We also have a new "Mary Jane’s Farm" subscription starting up. This week before school starts I will have extra craft items out for when you want to stop in with the kids and make something. All sorts of cardboard, yarn, marker, pens, pencils, glitter etc. So on those days that can get steamy stop in and create. We will have the coffee on and ice cold water to drink.

We hope to see you soon.

Jolena and Michelle