David Young, of Van Meter, will be vying for a seat for 3rd Congressional District in the upcoming June primary.

Young, who worked the last seven years as Sen. Charles Grassley’s chief of staff, said that experience gives him an upper hand in the upcoming primary.

"As Sen. Charles Grassley’s chief of staff, I learned a lot from him," he said. "When you are in an office working with and for Iowans every day and hearing about their problems with the IRS, EPA, Department of Agriculture, Medicare, Social Security you want to work that much harder for them. I want to go out there and clean up some of the dysfunction. "I know what works and what doesn’t work; I know what can be done and how to get that done for Iowans."

Young is currently campaigning across the state of Iowa visiting each county to discuss the $17 trillion deficit, his plans to add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, repealing ObamaCare with free-market principals, passing a keystone pipeline which travels from Canada down the Gulf of Mexico, and addressing the Tax Code.