This is the biggest sale month for children’s toys and equipment. Often parents and grandparents buy whatever is on their little one’s wish list. As the adult, it’s important to evaluate the safety of the product you purchase and give to an infant or child.

As you are going online to order a toy or piece of equipment such as a playpen or stroller, check out the recalls and cautions listed on This website by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announces recalls, and provides helpful safety tips regarding everything from long cords on window blinds to infant bouncy seats that are prone to tipping.

Pay attention to the age warnings on toys and games. “Not for children under age 3” not only means not giving the gift to a toddler, but providing guidance to the older child who receives that gift. Spend time with the older child (which is a great gift in itself) and talk about storing the toy where younger children can’t get at it and get hurt. Special caution needs to be heeded regarding balloons, magnets and anything with small pieces. Supervising children at play goes a long way to avoiding tragedy.