Think about how you want your life to look in two years, in six years, and 15 years from now. Where do relationships and children fit into your plans? No matter if you’re currently married, want to get married, or plan not to marry, you need to consider the impact of adding a child or children to the mix of your plans for the future. If your plans include goals such as education or a new career, choosing whether and when to have children is important.

If you’re married and have decided not to have another child (either now or ever), what steps are you taking toward that plan? The Iowa Family Planning Network is part of the Iowa Department of Human Services and provides free family planning services. Who gets free family planning? US citizens and qualified immigrants ages 12-54 who don’t have insurance coverage for family planning, who are within income guidelines. The income range is $73,800 a year for a family of four. See for a complete chart.

Iowa Family Planning Network services are available at local clinics that also accept Medicaid. To apply, call the Healthy Families Line at 1-800-369-2229.