Dear Editor:

Tomorrow is a big day for our family. Our youngest son and new bride from Wisconsin will take possession of their new home in your city of Adel. They are moving to Iowa after his departure eight years ago to attend college in Minnesota.

As he is a pilot, they were able to choose the “right location” for their relocation. Adel was their choice, not only because of the controversial tax abatement. I hope that the seasoned residents of Adel will understand there are many new homeowners that are not there just because of the savings. Yes it was enticing, yet there is a little more to their choice.

His sister lives in Waukee, it is closer to the airport. Yet, this young man reflected on his experience with the “town.” He remembered the many years we drove from our farm near Yale to his Boy Scout meetings. He remembered all the great leadership and friends he became accustomed to. He volunteered in Adel on Eagle scout projects, including his brothers project at the local Christian Church. He raised and lowered flags at the local cemetery on Holidays. His family was involved over eight years of Adel scouting which originated from our son Cale choosing Adel from meeting friends through soccer games.

My point is please welcome the newcomers that may not all be so new after all. They might just be your future volunteers and business owners. And thanks to all the former BSA volunteers from a Mom that is so excited to have more of her family return to Iowa.

Larayne Deardorff