Dear Editor:

Adel Living Magazine had a number of people featured this time telling about their flower and vegetable gardens, including their editor’s Shane Goodman.

Who in Dallas County remembers Harvey’s Greenhouse when it was on Highway 90, south of DeSoto? How many are left around Adel who used to come out there to get your tomato, cabbage and pepper plants? Very few got them from the first greenhouse as it was blown across the road by a tornado when I was about 6. Kelly, who drove the school bus, stopped at the top of the hill as we watched it knock a limb on our house and totally demolish the original Harvey’s Greenhouse.

Highway 90 was pure Iowa mud then, so we didn’t get a big orange bus, instead, an old bus with wooden beach down the center and seats along each side. It was kept in service just to include our section of Highway 90 and also went south to get to the Lienemanns and back for Ostrander’s and a few more before getting to the Big Brick Schoolhouse at DeSoto.

That was a wonderful place to start kindergarten and Junior Phillips, who lived across the road came in a wheel chair his first year, but then used a walkie-talkie for first grade. His dad, Ed Phillips, was janitor, so he could do this for him.

Gladys Virginia Harvey