Having been awake quite early a few mornings lately I have been able to listen to a symphony of bird songs, which has been truly beautiful. It’s amazing how well you can hear these early birds even with closed windows due to central air conditioning.

I was up at 5 a.m. and the concert was in full swing until around 7 a.m. when they quieted down. They may have started before 5, which is remarkable.

What comes to my mind is what a loss it would be to me and everyone who loves to listen to the birds if we get to a time when there is no more bird song. Rachel Carson talked about the danger to birds from pesticides and other man-made environmental hazards decades ago in her classic book Silent Spring. She was way ahead of her time in her concerns about birds and the environment in general, and our present problems with threats to the environment suggest that there is much to be done in preventing the advent of a silent spring.

Unfortunately for environmental concerns of all types, our government is dropping the ball when it comes to safeguarding both our environment and our wildlife. If there was ever a time to be concerned citizens about this subject, that time is now.

If we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the birds and all the other diverse forms of wildlife in this vast land of ours, we must realize the responsibility to safeguard the web of life on our planet. Effects of global warming are causing changes now which must be addressed if we want to protect the overall well being of earth and its wonderful diversity of life forms.

Finding responsible forms of energy are key to stabilizing rising temperatures globally, and there is no time to waste in accomplishing this. This viewpoint is supported by scientists worldwide, and we can hope that the Paris accord will help facilitate putting the brakes on the warming of our earth even though the current U. S. administration decided to pull out of the agreement.

What to do to prevent a silent spring? Talk to your legislators -Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst to start with - and express your concern about protecting our environment, the birds, and all other lifeforms which we don’t want to lose. Extinction is forever, and there is no return from that path.