To The Editor:

Adel is my home. I grew up here and my wife grew up on her family farm just outside of Dallas Center. We were married in 1973 and moved away from Adel. In 2006 we were fortunate enough to move back to Adel, build a house and settle in to what was, and again is home.

Mayor Peters' leadership and vision are reflected in our community:

He has assembled top notch Police and Fire Departments with up to date equipment, technology and training.

We have a new City Hall, new Library and a stand-alone Public Safety building.

A Parks and Recreation Director position was created to administer children and adult activities.

Flood mitigation infrastructure has been constructed in the North part of town along Kinnick-Feller Park.

We have a new Aquatic Center to attract young families.

The downtown brick street reconstruction and façade projects have made downtown more appealing.

Mayor Peters is addressing the concerns relative tax abatement with the City Council in a logical and collaborative manner. A reasoned, considered approach is being developed, as was evident at the June 26 city council meeting.

Adel is growing as a community, but still feels like home to someone who was away for thirty-three years.

Kevin Custer

Adel, IA