I seem to be on a roll now wanting to write about my cats, so here goes. We have 4 house cats, one of which (Alex) I wrote about last week. So now I will tell you about the other 3. The oldest of the remaining 3 is Ellis, who was abandoned at a farmstead when the occupants moved. My son and his wife had taken a walk down by the lovely little Ellis Cemetery near our house, and this little orange and white kitten tagged along until he was too weak to follow any farther. At that point my son picked him up and carried him home, where we adopted him and named him Ellis after the cemetery. Without a doubt he is the sweetest cat we’ve ever had. He never, ever scratches, bites or is in any way mean. Every night as I am watching TV he is either on my lap or curled up on my chest, purring away. He is always patient with little kids, allowing them to carry him around, as if he knows what proper treatment of little ones involves. The second of the 3 is Margaret. Margaret’s temperament is totally different from Ellis’. Sometimes she is sweet as can be and enjoys gentle stroking and chin scratches. Other times if she is apparently not in the mood for attention she will swipe with her claws and growl. I trapped Marg in a live trap when she was a tiny kittie, and thought she would shred me when I took her out of the trap. She surprised me and didn’t scratch or bite but I guess she is making up for it now. I love her anyway because her moods are intriguing and she is a beautiful cat, with a silky, shiny coat. I just have to respect her changeable moods or I will regret it.

The last cat,Floyd, is the clown of the group. He is a big, cream-colored cat, definitely in the prime of his life. He is so funny that he very frequently makes me laugh with his antics. He will run through the house at top speed, so fast that his hind quarters swing out as he turns to head up the stairs. He attacks the shower curtain, the shower mat,and, the cat scratching post with equal fervor. In more mellow moments when he wants a cuddle he will come to me and stretch his front legs up to me, asking to be picked up. I pick him up and he puts his front legs on my shoulder and I put my opposite arm under his hind quarters and we enjoy a snuggle. He definitely gives me a boost and makes me realize that cats, like dogs, and many other animals have their own distinct personalities. We humans can’t claim to be the only species with personalities. It would be a much less interesting world if that were the case.