Having been in northern Iowa for a few days I caught a great story on the local news. It seems the Mall of America in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has launched a biological attack on aphids that can damage and kill the decorative plants in the mall. Thousands upon thousands of lady bugs were released to prey upon the aphids, an effective means of controlling the pests with no use of toxic chemicals. The video accompanying the story was charming, showing a little boy watching the lady bugs and saying to passers-by, "Look at the lady bugs! Do you want some?"

Using lady bugs to perform their natural function to control pests such as aphids is a very earth-friendly thing to do. Who knows how much damage we have done collectively by using the tons of pesticides some people use to keep crabgrass and dandelions out of their lawns? It seems like so often there is a tendency to not use natural, eco-friendly methods for pest control. So go lady bugs, and three cheers for the people who decided to sic them on the aphids at the mall!