This past week end we attended a memorial service for one of my husband’s cousins who lived not far from us. We liked and enjoyed this person’s company but even so didn’t make many trips to visit him and his wife.

He died suddenly and unexpectedly so I find myself feeling remorseful that we didn’t visit more often when we had the chance. Such remorse is addressed in the wonderful Robin Williams movie "The Dead Poets’ Society" where Williams encourages his young students to "Seize the Day", or in the ancient Latin of the poet Horace, "Carpe Diem". To seize the day means, according to Horace, "to rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest;, and remember "it is later than you think."

All of us have things we put off doing, whether it’s putting off visiting family or anything else we know in our hearts we should do but don’t. Maybe thinking of Horace’s advice to " seize the day" will help us keep priorities in order.