There are mixed reviews this season on the bright neon colors in fashion, but I am seeing a lot of neon in the stores this season, especially in accessories. Personally, I love the neon colors in kooky green, yellow, orange, teal and shocking pink. It is a sixties throwback that is made new again. An accent with neon can go a long way, and really liven up that little black dress.

Recently, I was shopping in the East Village in Des Moines after a fun tour of the Iowa State Capitol with the Waukee Chamber Group where I was introduced to a wonderful boutique store called Dornink. Dornick has exceptional style and high-end looking accessories at super prices. Margaret Rollings of Dornink said of the new neon shades, "Neon is definitely in and here to stay for a while". Dornink has wonderful statement necklaces in neon, bracelets, earrings, rings, and great scarves in super bright patterns and shades. This store will sew and tailor an outfit specifically for you, and I thought their pricing was excellent. Terrific news for petites, tall and plus size ladies. Dornink’s off-the-rack items were also stylish and right for all sizes and ages.

Another unique, locally owned, store that is a nice shopping experience is the Funky Zebra located in Urbandale, Ankeny, Valley Junction. The Funky Zebra has an incredible selection of scarves for the warmer weather. Cheryl Hayes, owner of the Funky Zebra says, "Scarves aren’t just for winter anymore! Fashionable scarves can easily dress up a casual outfit in any season. Scarves are a relatively affordable accessory that you can acquire at almost any store. A scarf can last years, and rarely will date an outfit, but can also portray a personal style look". At a recent Urbandale Chamber lunch the Funky Zebra displayed their scarves and super accessories and they were a hit! The Funky Zebra also provides practical tips on how to tie and wear the scarves.

Bright scarves are so popular right now, and are available locally at many retailers. The big box stores such as Target and Walmart have crazy, bright summer accessories at very low prices. The circle loop scarf is very popular right now, easy to wear and best of all looks great. Long scarves are also very versatile and Avon has some terrific neon items as well in their new catalog.

My favorite scarf brand, Echo, has incredible patterns and colors this year. I am seeing many tie-dye looking patterns in bright neon shades and my favorite is one called Toucan Wrap. It has a worldly look and is a long scarf that can be worn many ways. It can be seen at Another fun Echo brand scarf is called the Psychedelic Floral Silk Satin Scarf. I truly like multi-colored scarves because they go with such a variety of outfits and colors. For me, scarves are timeless in fashion and can be very dressy or worn with jeans.

I own many scarves, and some of them are truly vintage scarves that my grandmother and mom owned before me. Those are particularly special to me. Shop auctions, tag sales and consignment stores for some super bargains on scarves and jewelry.

When shopping this season, spend wisely and add a bit of neon color to your wardrobe!