As I am sitting looking out the window intermittently as I type I notice how rapidly the light of the day fades as night time approaches. Before the sun is gone, shafts of light filter through the trees, producing a lovely soft illumination. To me this twilight is the most beautiful time of day, along with the same soft light visible at dawn. As I was in the yard at dusk something amazing caught my eye as I walked by a planter with a geranium in it that was not in good shape. Also in the planter was a geranium that appeared to be dead, with the exception of a tiny leaf and red flower bud at the tip of one of the dead-looking stalks. I have never seen anything like it. The plant looked for all the world like it was dead, with the exception of the tiny leaf and its vibrantly red little flower. I was so amazed that I took pictures of it. I have always known that geraniums are hardy plants, but this was nearly beyond belief.

I guess one could conclude that life can hang on in the worst of circumstances, as this tiny leaf and flower would suggest. I am reminded of hearing how after the massive eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s decades ago vegetation came back to the blasted and burned landscape much more rapidly than might have been expected. Our natural world is full of unexpected surprises and delights, which is all the more reason to be excellent stewards of our beautiful planet.