Deciding to get outside help for an elderly loved one can be a tough decision for a family. There’s guilt, there’s worry about cost, there’s a desire for privacy, there’s pride that prevents us from admitting we need help.

In many cases it just isn’t feasible for the family to cover everything that is needed for an older person to remain at home. Even when a family is able to pull together and help out, over the long haul this can become challenging, especially if it means that a family member has to quit their job in order to care for a loved one.

On the other hand, there are more in-home services available now than ever before.

You have a right to choose who will be the health care provider for you or your loved ones. You have a right to decide where you would like to live in safety and good health. There are many options available, and the Health Navigator at Dallas County Public Health can help you find all of the options available so you and your family can make an informed choice.

Some things to consider are the current degree of disability and what will likely be the needs in the near future. Also where does the older family member live currently and where are the other family members? Cost is something always looming in the background of every decision, and the Health Navigator can assist the family in recognizing what services are available through Medicare, current private insurance, and assistance such as the Medicaid Elderly Waiver.

You may contact the Health Navigator at 993-3750. It is free to call and/or have the Health Navigator meet with you and your family at the Public Health office or in your home.