To the Editor:

It is imperative that we improve the well being of children and families who are in severe poverty through developing new policies that make a lasting impact.

We as a community need to help at risk families break free from the cycle of poverty, homelessness and lead them down the right path. In order to achieve this we need to develop a plan of action that includes, but is not limited to, financial counseling to help these people get out of debt and increase savings, transportation assistance, job training and incentives to go back to school whether it be getting a GED or higher education. Implementing these sorts of programs would allow people to have assistance breaking bad habits and help them move ahead in life.

The bill HF 604 shows the different programs available for low income and poverty stricken families. This is a great start and many families have been helped but it can be taken to the next step by adding to these programs.

Developing programs such as financial counseling, education incentives, job training and transportation services would give these families a helping hand in a time of need. It would allow them to get back on their own two feet. I feel it is important to try and change the behaviors that got these people into poverty instead of just giving them money or a short-term fix to the issues they are facing. Being proactive will aid in the changing of generations and will in fact benefit every one.

Alli Azbill,