To the Editor:

The handwritten sign was carefully lettered: "Honk if you need help". The sign was posted at a small filling station in Runnells, Iowa. Could a business really be that caring? One day I decided to give it a try. I gently honked my car horn.

Within minutes, two men came running out. One man grabbed the nozzle of the petrol, and deftly inserted it into the nearly empty fuel tank of my auto. He then grabbed the windshield wiper brush, and began scrubbing my windshield. [I’m not sure it’s been that clean since.] At the same time, his partner had the hood up on my auto, pulling out the oil dipstick to check the oil.

I watched all of this in awe, amazed that they 1. Noticed and 2. Cared.

Fast forward to 2013. My auto was in need of a routine checkup. Off I went to Adel Chrysler. Weaving around miscellaneous autos, I carefully pulled into the lot of Adel Chrysler. No sooner had I pulled myself out of the car, when a worker approached me. "Would you like to have that license plate fixed?" he asked simply. For some reason, I could not get the two silly bolts fastened at the bottom of my plate. The plate had been flapping around in this way for more than two years. "That would be great," I responded. I watched with amazement as he expertly fastened the two bottom bolts. "You’re ready to go,’ he said with a smile. I managed to say Thank You as I handed him a tip.

The worker 1. Noticed and 2. Cared. I felt like I’d won a mini-lottery. Recently, I took our family vehicle in for routine maintenance to Adel Chrysler. Upon getting the auto delivered to the proper place, I asked if a loaner car was available. Carl, who was assisting me, thought for a moment. "You could take my car, " he said. My mouth fell open. In the city, I signed for a loaner, then paid when I returned it.

Stammering, I replied, "Really? I can’t do that."

"It’s a dealer car, so it’s okay," Carl replied. "My insurance is fully up to date," I joked.

So off I went in Carl’s car. He 1. Noticed and 2. Cared.

‘Noticing’ and ‘Caring’ are two of the cornerstones of showing respect for people.

Adel - Small town: Best Deal.

Dr. Patricia Tice,