To the Editor:

Gov. Terry Branstad often likes to say that he met his match in terms of energy and enthusiasm for the state of Iowa in Lieutenant Gov. Kim Reynolds. Jack Hatch picked his running mate, Monica Vernon, last week – and met his match in terms of urban liberal flip-flopping.

Just a few years ago, Monica Vernon was a Republican, and is now running on one of the most liberal tickets in the state. Her drastic change in loyalty has revealed to the world that she is just an ambitious egotist willing to sacrifice her values in order to get ahead. Not coincidentally, this unflattering phrase can also be used to describe Jack Hatch. Hatch used to bloviate about how governors shouldn’t involve themselves in the casino approval process. Now, in typical political form, he loudly bemoans Gov. Branstad’s unwillingness intervene in the Racing and Gaming Commission’s decision to reject the proposal for a new Cedar Rapids casino. Hatch must admire Vernon because they share a mutual passion for frequently altering their core beliefs. Like Gov. Branstad and Lieutenant Gov. Reynolds, they are a perfect match – but unlike Branstad-Reynolds, they are not a perfect match for Iowa.

Jon McAvoy