To the Editor:

To anyone who may have tried to redeem your cans or bottles at the now defunct Two Cans Redemption Center, you may have noticed a sign on his window giving undue credit to the Adel Lions Club for the demise of his business. I tried 3 out of the 4 times that he closed and attempted to reopen to work with him. He never had sufficient funds to cover our needs so it was necessary to deliver our cans and bottles to the Stuart or Perry redemption centers.

In our nearly ten years of our fund raising project, through the generosity of the citizens of Adel and surround area we have been able to make substantial contributions to our community.

We have donated $7,500 to the Adel Stage Pavilion project and sponsored a band for last year’s "Free Fridays" concerts. We provided $2,000 to create another volleyball court in Evans Park, as well as providing park benches to that facility. We make annual contributions of $500 to each of the ADM Fine Arts Boosters, ADM Athletic Boosters, and to the Adel Scholarship fund. We helped the ADM Elementary School by providing $5,000 for new playground equipment. The list could go on naming all the various community activities we support.

It was not the Adel Lions that caused his demise; it was under-funding and miss-management.

We thank you for your contributions and hope they will continue.

Tom Waltz

Lions Can Bin Coordinator