Just a year ago I wrote a glowing review for "A Week in Winter", billed at that time as the last book of the late beloved Irish author Maeve Binchy. Luckily for all of us, during her long writing career Binchy imagined a street in Dublin populated with many different characters. She would occasionally write a story about one of these people and put it away in in a drawer with the idea of one day gathering the stories into a book with the location as its center. "Chestnut Street", a collection of thirty-six new short stories compiled by Binchy’s editors, is the result.

As in any neighborhood, the residents of Chestnut Street lead widely dissimilar lives with diverse circumstances, jobs, and values. Binchy writes with humor and understanding about the hidden lives and varied sensibilities of each character that lives on Chestnut Street. From the first chapter featuring Dolly, who discovers more about her perfect mother than she ever wanted to know; to the last story about an unlikely group of friends who meet only one special night each year – this is a short story collection to treasure and enjoy.