To the Editor:

October is National Domestic Violence awareness month. Domestic abuse happens in this community. We at Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center serve these victim/survivors every day. While we often seen and hear national reports on the rates of domestic abuse, it is the faces of the women, men and children who are our friends, family or fellow students that cause us to see the true reality of the trauma that domestic abuse causes.

While we receive many ideas about domestic abuse based myths and victim blaming, we know the reality. Domestic abuse is wrong. No one asks to be abused. No one deserves to live in a home where they do not feel safe. Instead of always putting the blame on the victims, we need to as a community hold offenders accountable and support victims. Victim/survivors of domestic abuse need resources, empowerment and a strong support system to gain hope and independence.

We all have a responsibility in this. We can all help stop domestic abuse. Notice when somebody is being victimized and find a safe way to intervene. Talk about domestic abuse. There are times when those closest to us are suffering and we don’t act for many reasons. Don’t let domestic abuse be a "family issue" or "private matter." As individuals we have a lot of power. Let’s raise our standards to promote equality and respect this community.

Our agency can answer your questions, train you to intervene, educate you on the realities of abuse and train you to volunteer. Volunteering can make such a positive impact in someone’s life. Most of all, if you or somebody you know if suffering from domestic abuse, please call us.

Educate yourself. Help victims by supporting Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center. 24-hour crisis line is 1-800-400-4884.

Diane Young

Crisis Advocacy & Intervention