I’m embarking on an adventure I haven’t enjoyed for many years—raising a new puppy. Ozzie is a 3-month old pug, and he is, as my kids say, "ridiculously cute". It is truly amazing how similar puppies are to human toddlers in the crawling or walking stages. They want to put everything in their mouths and explore everything in reach. I’ve been reminded that constant vigilance is required to keep them out of trouble and away from injury.

Ozzie plays pell mell until he reaches a point of exhaustion, when he collapses on the floor and naps, often with his back legs extended froggy fashion. It is a truly endearing sight. He is most cuddly when he is worn out from playing, and he will rest upside down in your arms, like a human baby. It is easy to see why dogs are considered such good companions. They are always there for you and they love with no strings attached. Ozzie is there for me now while I am adjusting to losing my husband. He is with no doubt the best mother’s day gift I ever received.