Ready: You’ve done it! The choice has been made and you are ready to make the move. Now the work begins, it is time to downsize, oh joy!

Get set: Just do it. Engage your family and friends if they don’t want the extra furnishings contact your nearest church, community center, Salvation Army, homeless shelters, etc. It is time to downsize lighten your life and live with the ease of knowing the job is done. When you are sorting through all of those wonderful lifelong treasures and the sentiments coming flooding back as if it were yesterday, stop yourself and ask when was the last time I truly looked at this or cared about it other than today because I am forced too? Follow the rule of thumb, if you haven’t looked at it or touched it in the last one to two years you probably don’t need it. Divide up pictures among family and mail them out, let them decide for themselves what to do with them. Same with furniture sort it out determine what will fit in your new home and let the kids take the rest or give to a family services shelter. It is okay to let go and begin a new lighter, easier way of life! Retire: Enjoy, this is what you have worked for. Take advantage of the offerings and amenities at least a few times to see for yourself whether you like certain activities. Give yourself a chance it won’t come easy the first time around it is a lifestyle change and you will need to make an effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. Many people I have spoken with literally have broken down in tears at the last minute and have said, "I can’t do it." A year later they have come back to me to say, "I should have made this move earlier in life, what was I waiting for?" Now you know the next step!