Dementia is an increasingly degenerative disease that haunts us all with some form beginning as early as age twenty. There are approximately 70-80 different varieties of dementia, many know it today as Alzheimer’s. Scary isn’t it? Many retirement communities offer memory care as an additional health care service for long term residents.

Memory care services are state and federal regulated with special requirements to meet dementia resident needs. A memory care area offers a calming environment with 24 hour nursing care. They keep residents active daily in a calm and caring manner. All units should be secured to be locked for the safety of the resident(s) that may wonder out of the area. They are self-contained with a private dining room, housekeeping, laundry, medication assistance and nursing services. Most memory care facilities maintain that residents are mobile and active in order to participate and socialize with others. If not, full nursing care may be necessary at this stage of life.

Another health care option today includes adult daycare and respite care which is a service offered on an hourly, daily or extended need basis. For example, a married couple or individual care taker that takes care of a spouse or loved one around the clock is taxing at best on the care taker. Adult day care and respite can offer a break for those that need time to themselves to get errands accomplished or an escape to see friends and socialize. Adult day and respite care also provides a social outlet for those, the patient, to get out and about with a fresh change of daily routine. They offer a safe and secure environment which gives both parties peace of mind and needed separation. Health Care today is a very important component to the extension of our aging process. At some point in our lives whether it is short-term or long-term many of us will end up needing health care services. Do your homework when considering your full service retirement community as it play a very important part with not only your wellbeing but also your friends and family. As a reminder, always check the website for your local skilled health care facility ratings by the federal government, an important part of your homework process.

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