I have definitely gotten hooked on watching the chipmunks, squirrels, and bunnies at the feeding stations outside my window. Some days it is like a 3-ring circus with all the hopping, running, and jumping that goes on. Recently I happened to look out while a chipmunk was doing his best to shimmy up a metal pole that is about 4 feet high, holding a small wood box that I put jelly in for the orioles. Now the box has sunflower seeds in it rather than jelly, and chipmunks love sunflower seeds, and somehow he knew there were seeds to be had if he could only get up there!

As I watched he wrapped his little legs around the pole and attempted to scoot up, only to fail every time his nose reached the box and he fell to the ground. It was very funny to watch, and his determination was nothing short of amazing. I watched him try several times, wanting to see if he could make it, then unfortunately I was distracted and looked away for a moment. When I Iooked back, there he was in the box atop the pole, and I was very disappointed to realize that I had missed how he accomplished his mission. I didn’t think that chipmunks could climb smooth metal poles, but this little guy proved me wrong. It certainly is fun to see how much entertainment is to be had by just looking out the window.