To the Editor:

As a retired employee of the ADM School District, the students of this district are near and dear to my heart. I was fortunate enough to get to work with the students at ADM for 33 years. The upcoming bond issue is a new way I can support the students of our district. This bond is very important for all of our students. The passage of the bond issue would provide 28 new classrooms, renovations to 6 existing classrooms, and additional security for each of the main entrances to the school buildings utilized in the district.

And all of this will benefit the students of ADM. Housing growth is coming fast within the communities of the school district and we must provide space to house this growth within the current attendance centers.

We have excellent students at ADM and the three communities within our district have always been great supporters of the students in the past. We must continue this support of our students! The best way to do this is to vote "yes!" A "yes" vote will provide the funds to build the new classrooms, renovate existing classrooms, and implement safe entrances to all of our current attendance centers. A "yes" vote on February 4 is a "yes" vote for all the students of our school district!

Please support the ADM students!

Carole Schlapkohl, retired ADM Educator and Administrator, 1979-2012