As I sit at my computer near one of my porch picture windows just inches away I have seen several interesting things I want to share with you. First, one of my cats came strolling across the yard with a chipmunk dangling from his mouth. Fearing the worst I went out to see if the little critter was dead or not, and pushed the cat down to the ground and forced him to let go. The chipmunk took off as fast as his little legs could carry him, to my great surprise. The cat was not pleased, and took off after his quarry in rapid pursuit but failed in his effort. It always surprises me when the cats catch something but don’t kill it. Maybe the fun is in the chase.

Next I saw two very different birds at the feeding platform, an English sparrow and the unbelievably beautiful indigo bunting. The sparrow made me realize how the birds manage to consume so much feed so rapidly, as he was flipping multiple seeds off the platform, looking for the right one, I guess. The bunting was less choosy and gave me time to appreciate his brilliant blue plumage. Other birds visiting the yard were a gorgeous male hummingbird no doubt searching for the feeder that wasn’t in place yet, a catbird taking a quick bath in the birdbath, and a wren taking food to its young in a wren house close enough for me to watch her comings and goings. Another bird I couldn’t identify but might have been a flycatcher darted around the yard as if it might be chasing insects. All of these interesting things to watch happened in about 30 minutes, so it certainly goes to show what you might see if you are patient and sit and look out the window for a while. It’s one of my favorite things to do because you never know what you might see.