"Five Days at Memorial" by Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter Sheri Fink tells the story of what happened at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. After Katrina struck, the levees broke and floodwaters rose in New Orleans. Patients and staff were stranded at Memorial Medical Center without power and with no advance evacuation plan or support from corporate officials. In the stifling heat, exhausted caregivers strove to provide minimal medical care while coming to realize the near impossibility of moving critically ill patients from the damaged hospital to safety. Stressed care providers devised a triage system to designate the order in which the patients would be removed.

Months later, healthcare professionals faced criminal charges that they deliberately injected numerous patients with various drugs to hasten their deaths. Fink provides an intimate look at what happened at Memorial and reveals the hidden dilemmas of end-of-life care while exposing how woefully ill-prepared we are large-scale disasters in this country. This is a book I couldn’t put down.

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