Larry Watson’s books sneak up on you, gradually drawing you in. By the time you realize that you’ve been hooked and glance up at the clock to check the time, it’s far past bedtime. His new novel "Let Him Go" is no exception. September 1951. George and Martha Blackledge’s son James has been dead for a few years. It’s only been three months since their daughter-in-law remarried and disappeared, taking George and Martha’s only grandchild with her. To make matters worse, Martha knows her daughter-in-law’s husband is not treating the child kindly.

Martha is determined to find her grandson and bring him home with her. She talks her husband George, a retired sheriff, into going with her to find the boy. What they don’t figure on is the lawless matriarchal Weboy clan their daughter-in-law has married into. Lines are drawn, tensions escalate, and blood is shed. It has become obvious that more than the just the welfare of a small boy is at stake.

What happens next is illegal, unexpected, and unsettling - and yet so very right.

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