From time to time, I really enjoy a good mystery, so I was quite happy to receive an advance reader’s copy of Laura Lippman’s newest novel, "After I’m Gone". This book will be released February 11, and will soon be available at Waukee Public Library.

After being convicted for his lucrative, but rather illegal, business dealings, Felix Brewer vanishes on the fourth of July. Left behind are Felix’s beautiful and pampered wife, Bambi, their three young daughters, and Felix’s mistress, Julie.

On her own after being used to living in luxury, Bambi is convinced that Julie knows where her husband – and his money – is. When Julie disappears exactly ten years after Felix, everyone assumes she has joined her old lover – until her remains are found in a remote area years later.

Thirty-six years after Felix’s disappearance, Roberto "Sandy" Sanchez, a retired Baltimore detective, is working cold cases for some extra cash. As Sandy untangles a complicated web that connects all five women, he uncovers secrets, lies – and the truth – the truth that changes everything.

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