To the Editor:

Last week, I received a post card in the mail supporting the new county offices and jail. Needless to say, I was surprised to see the first bullet point stating "the ADM district has decided to keep and convert the former Adel Middle School into administrative offices." I am assuming this post card was from the county and approved by the Supervisors. Considering that the school board has not approved or denied the proposal, made by the facilities committee, to move the administrative offices to the former Middle School building, I feel the post card is misleading the public towards a positive vote in the upcoming public vote on August 6.

The future use of the former ADM Middle School should not be viewed as a contributing factor for the Supervisors’ Ortonville proposal. The supervisors made their decision to move the county offices to the proposed Ortonville site several months ago, long before any proposal for modified use of the former Middle School. This spring, a joint meeting was held with the ADM School Board, Adel City Council, and Dallas County Board of Supervisors to explore options for the former ADM Middle School. As a participant in that meeting, my observations were that the Supervisors would not answer any exploratory questions and came to the meeting with a decision already made for the proposed Ortonville site. From my perspective, it appeared the Supervisors were merely going through the motions during this joint meeting (for appearances sake) as it provided no value to any of the interested parties.

So, what else is misleading about the "facts" the Supervisors have sent to the Dallas County residents to support their upcoming public vote?

Rod Collins