Van Meter's girls basketball team is now 2-0 on the season in conference play. They took on Madrid on Dec. 6 and won by 30 points.

The Bulldogs started out the game strong with a field goal by Ellie Folkerts. While she was shooting, she was fouled by Tiger Kyra Troendle allowing Folkerts to shoot and score a free throw.

When the Bulldogs got the possession back, Emily Roberts was called on an offensive foul, but redeemed herself with a three pointed when the Bulldogs came back down the court. The score now read 6-0.

It seemed that with each foul came another shot for the Bulldogs, and soon the score read 12-0. During this time, Bailey Junge and C.J. Jones and made a three pointer each. After Jones' three pointer, she had another foul called on her, but Folkerts came back with another field goal. Just like Folkerts first, she was fouled while shooting and made her free throw.

Folkerts had the most points of the game for the Bulldogs with a total of 12. She managed to get five field goals and two free throws.

The fouls kept going back and forth between the two teams until Chelsea Bright fouled Anna Owensby who then scored the first two points for the Tigers. The quarter ended 15-2.

The second quarter started to look up for the Tigers when they scored the first points of the quarter. Hunter Raymond was the Tiger who shot a three pointer allowing the score be 15-5. The Bulldogs quickly responded with a field goal of their own, made by Mackenzie Roberts.

Mackenzie Roberts was right behind Folkerts in scoring. She had 11 points of her own from four field goals and one three pointer. Mackenzie also led with 13 rebound and five assists. 

After the Bulldogs' shot, they fouled twice, allowing Shayla Peters to shoot four free throws. Peters made all four free throws and the score read 17-9.

The Bulldogs still couldn't be stopped. They shot one field goal and three three pointers to the Tigers two-point shot. The gap between the teams only widened as the score read 28-11.

With the Tigers next three possessions, the Bulldogs fouled each time. Of the six free throws, Peters was the only one to score her two. She was still 100 percent from the free throw line by the time the half ended. At half the score was 28-13.

Once again, the Tigers started the third quarter with the first two points, thanks to Troendle. The Bulldogs then followed it up with four points from two field goals made by Mackenzie Roberts and Chelsea Bright.

Troendle then scored another two points for the Tigers as did Bright for the Bulldogs. The score read 34-17.

Even after a foul by Bright, the Bulldogs came back with two more field goals before the Tigers could score another point. The Tigers next point came from another free throw from Peters after she was fouled by Mackenzie Roberts.

While the Bulldogs scored six more points in the quarter, the Tigers couldn't keep up and ended the quarter without another point. The score was now 44-18 at the end of the third quarter.

The final quarter started off slow for each team with three fouls, two for the Bulldogs and one for the Tigers. The Bulldogs were the first ones to score. Folkerts scored a two-point shot and was fouled by Tori Jacobs while shooting but didn't make either of her free throws.

The Tigers quickly followed up the field goal with one of their own by Peters, but then a fouled was called on her when the Bulldogs had the possession. Natalie Barth made both of her free throws.

The rest of the quarter went back and forth between fouls and points for either team. The Tigers had one more foul while the Bulldogs had two. The Bulldogs kept the lead with and extra five points compared to the Tigers three points. The game's final score was 53-23.

Even with the big win Coach Rick Roberts is looking ahead to the season.

"We have a difficult stretch of games between now and Christmas break, with three of them being on the road." said Roberts. "We must work on our consistency and being focused every night out." 

The Bulldogs will play at Woodward-Granger on Dec. 9 and 6:00 p.m.