The Waukee girls basketball team hosted Valley on Friday, Dec. 9. The Tigers ended up taking home the win, which ended the Warriors' winning streak.

As of the last IGHSAU basketball rankings (Dec. 8), the Warriors were ranked No 4 in Class 5A while the Tigers were ranked No. 8.

The Tigers started the first quarter off quickly. The first two field goals went to sophomore Zoe Young. The Tigers weren't done with their lead yet and Jackie Feldt put up their third field goal putting the Tigers already ahead 6-0.

It wasn't until Young fouled that the Warriors had their first easy opportunity for a basket. Kelli Fogt was at the line to shoot two free throws. Fogt ended up making both for the Warriors putting the score at 6-2. These free throws ended up being Fogt's only points of the night.

Another few possessions and the gap just kept getting wider. Young made a three pointer for the Tigers, which was only followed up by a couple free throws for the Warriors. The score soon read 14-4.

The Warriors started to feel the pressure and Carlie Littlefield was called on a foul for the Warriors. Her foul allowed Jackie Feldt to shoot and make two free throw for the Tigers. During the Tigers next possession, Jackie Feldt took the opportunity to make another two-point shot.

After a couple more fouls were called, Littlefield was able to make the only field goal of the quarter for the Warriors. This didn't close the gap much, especially since it was followed up with a three pointer from Casey Carr. The quarter ended 23-6.

The second quarter started off slightly better for the Warriors. Brianna Hartman was able to make the first two points of the quarter. On the other end of the court, though, Jori Nieman was called on a foul. Thankfully this foul didn't end with any free throws being shot. Littlefield ran back down the court when she could and scored another field goal for the Warriors before the Tigers could do much.

Littlefield was the leading scorer for the Warriors. Overall, she had seven field goals, two three pointers and went two-for-two on her free throws for 22 points. She also had the most rebound for the team, with a total of eight by the end of the game.

The Warriors luck didn't last long, and Jamie Feldt finally made another basket for the Tigers. Her shot made the score read 25-10 with the Warriors still trailing.

After three fouls on the Tigers, the Warriors had still only gained one point from a free throw, thanks to Nieman. Within a few minutes, the score read 31-14.

By the end of the quarter, only Alex Honnold had scored for the Tigers, while Warriors Paityn Rau had made a free throw and Littlefield made two three pointers (one at the buzzer). At half, the Warriors were still down 33-21.

The third quarter started off well for the Warriors once again. Littlefield made the first field goal for the quarter which was followed up by another made by Hartman. Hartman was fouled during her shot by Jamie Feldt, but was not able to make her free throw. On the Warriors next possession, Jackie Feldt fouled Nieman who made one-of-two of her free throws.

Roles were soon reversed as the Tigers racked up another five points to widen the gap again. Shea Fuller made a field goal which was followed up with a second field goal from Young. Hartman fouled Young during her shot which allowed her to shoot a free throw as well.

Young was the leading scorer for the Tigers. She had a total of 26 points from eight field goals, two three pointers and four free throws.

Kylie Coleman made a three pointer for the Warriors and the score now read 38-29. A few more field goals for both team were made before the quarter ended with a foul called against Nieman. No free throws were shot and the quarter ended 46-34.

Just like the first quarter, the Tigers lead the beginning of the final quarter. Young made the first field goal of the quarter and Fuller made the second. Nieman was called on yet another foul during Fuller's shot, and she made her free throw. After Jackie Feldt made another two-point shot for the Tigers, the score was 53-34.

The Warriors tried to come back, but it was slow. The Warriors couldn't stop the Tigers either. Even though they were scoring the Tigers were scoring more to widen the gap, soon the score said 56-40.

The Warriors tried to decrease the deficit by scoring on almost all of their possessions. If they weren't scoring, they were fouling, as they kept feeling the clock tick down. The Tigers were able to keep the gap just wide enough that the Warriors couldn't keep up and the game ended 67-51.

The Warriors play on Dec. 13 at 6:15 p.m. in Fort Dodge.