The Waukee bowling teams hosted Valley on Dec. 9 at Warrior Lanes. Both Warrior teams ended the meet with a win.

The Warriors varsity girls' team consists of six members; Shahnaz Basha (senior), Lauren Daley (freshman), Maggie Fuhrman (junior), Bri Hulgan (sophomore), Halie Marean (sophomore) and Maddie Peterson (sophomore).

The Tigers varsity team has ten members. There are five seniors this year, Riley Bright, Emily Caskey, Emma Degan, Samantha Whitcomb and Whitney Wiese. The rest of the varsity team includes three juniors (Kaylee Fisher, Cassie Greene and Skyler Plymale) and two freshman (Abbie Clark and Ashley Fisher).

The Warriors and Tigers bowled two games each during the meet.

Peterson had the leading pin fall for the Warriors when she bowled 197 in the first game and a 170 in the second for a total of 367. Marean had a total pin fall of 333 and was the second leading scorer of the meet. The one returning senior, Basha, bowled a 169 and 150 putting her in third (319 total).

The team's baker scores were 161 (game one), 211 (game two). 144 (game three), 226 (game four) and 238 (game five). The Warriors total team score was 2,594 by the end of the meet. The girls are now 4-0 so far this season.

The Warriors varsity boys team has six members as well. The boys had two seniors bowling during this meet, Jack McMahon and Jaret Norton. Michael Slater (junior), Ben Fahrenkrug (sophomore), Jack Henry (sophomore) and Trevor Pierce (freshman) made up the rest of the Warrior team.

The Tigers competed with six bowlers which included four seniors (Jack Domek, Kevin Duncan, Carter Czipar and Jason Hua), one sophomore (Jack Basart-Morse) and one freshman (Justin Graves).

The top three leading bowlers for the Warriors were Fahrenkrug, Henry and McMahon. In his first game, Fahrenkrug bowled a 194 and then bowled a 152 in the second game. At the end of the meet, he had a total of 346 pin fall. Henry was the second leading scorer for the Warriors. He had bowled a 166 and 177 for a final 343. With a total pin fall of 299 was McMahon, he had the third most for the Warriors after bowling a 154 and a 145.

The top three bowlers for the Tigers all bowled over three hundred. Domek bowled 138 in the first game and 182 in the second game finishing first for his team with a 320. The second leading scorer was Basart-Morse, he had a 158 in both game for a total of 316. With a final pin fall of 306 was Graves. He bowled 170 in his first game and 136 in his second.

The Warriors boys' baker games were (in order) 167, 242, 189, 140 and 106. While the Tigers bakers games were 136, 168, 187, 148 and 168. At the end of the meet, Warriors total score beat out the Tigers (2,398-2,349).

Both the boys and girls Warrior team will be competing again today (Tuesday, Dec. 13) at Val Lanes Recreation Center against Southeast Polk at 3 p.m.