The Dallas Center-Grimes girls basketball team had a non-conference game against Ballard on Tuesday, Dec. 13. The game was extremely close throughout, but the Fillies ended up losing to the Bombers 51-48.

The Fillies were the first to score of the game. Rachel Lowary made the first field goal for her team, but it was only followed up by two three pointers from Bomber Aubrey Bartleson.

Tatum Jorgensen then fouled Abby Carlin on the Bombers next possession and the score went up to 7-2. The Fillies tried to come back with another field goal from Jenna Borchers.

Within the next three possessions, there were three fouls called. One on Bomber Madison Smith and two on Mallory Vroegh. The second foul on Vroegh allowed Juliana Vier to shoot two free throw in which she made, and the score now read 9-4.

Both teams ended the quarter with a single field goal. Filly Hannah Wuebker made her's first only to be followed by Carlin. The quarter ended with the Fillies behind 11-6.

The second quarter started out with two fouls called on the Bombers. The first was called on Vier and Wuebker made both of her free throws. The second foul was against Carlin allowing Borchers to shoot two free throws. After Borchers made her free throws, the Fillies only trailed by one (11-10).

After a third foul by the Bombers, Vier was finally able to make their first two points of the quarter. Borchers was able to follow this up with her own field goal for the Fillies. After another foul by the Fillies the Bombers their last two points of the quarter putting the score at 17-14.

The Bombers had four more fouls after their field goal which allowed for three more free throws for the Fillies. The first was made by Lowary, while the last two were made by Borchers. Borchers free throws ended up tying the score at the end of the half at 17-17.

The third quarter started off tied after a three pointer each by Smith and Borchers. The tie didn't last long when Carlin made a two-point shot. On the next Bomber possession, Vroegh had a foul called against her allowing the Bombers to keep the ball and Smith to make another basket.

The Fillies didn't make another basket until a foul was called on their side of the court. The shot was made by Lowary. As the Fillies went back down the court, two more foul were called against them. The second foul allowed Emma Ray to shoot two free throws.

The Bombers got the ball back before the Fillies could score again. Ray scored another two points for the Bombers which put them up 28-22.

Within the the Fillies next three possessions, they had five points and one foul. One field goal was made made Borchers and a three pointer was made by Vroegh. After the foul, the score read 30-27.

Only one more field goal was made by the Bombers before the quarter ended, by Ray (32-27). Ray ended up tying for second leading scorer for the Bombers. She had 11 points from four field goals and three free throws.

The final quarter started off with a foul that ended with a single free throw made by Vroegh. There were two more fouls, one for each team, before another the first field goal was seen. This field goal was from Bartleson.

Bartleson ended up being the leading scorer for the Bombers. The senior had the one field goal and two three points as well as four free throws. She also had five rebounds, two assists and three blocks.

The next two points for the Bombers came after fouls called against the Fillies. Jenna Moody made one of her two free throws and Charity Ransom made her one free throw.

Jorgensen followed this up with a field goal for the Fillies, but unfortunately it didn't help close the gap. Ray then immediately came back with a field goal for the Bombers. Jorgensen was then called on a foul, which turned into a technical foul from the bench, allowing Summer McVicker to shoot four free throws. McVicker ended up making three out of four and the score read 41-32.

The Fillies were determined to come back from this nine point deficit. Borchers shot another three pointer and Brooke Kramer then made another basket for the Fillies, putting them within four points of the Bombers.

The Fillies then proceeded to foul as they felt the pressure of the clock. The Bombers made all four of the free throws they were given from the Fillies fouls. Finally Borchers made another basket and was fouled while shooting. Even though she did not made her free throw, Wuebker got the ball back and made a three pointer off the possession. The score was now 45-42.

The Bombers continued to get the majority of their points from free throws while the Fillies continued to shoot baskets. The Fillies made three more field goals before the quarter ended with a score of 51-48.

The Fillies will play at Oskaloosa at 6:15 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 16.