The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn boys basketball team took on Carroll (Tigers) last night. A-D-M went into the game with a 2-3 record this season. A-D-M ended up beating Carroll 74-60 and led in all four quarters of the game.

A-D-M received the first possession after the tipoff but after a few trips up and down the court, Dayton Ross of Carroll was the first to score of the game. Dayton shot and made a three pointer allowing Carroll to be up, but this was Carroll's only lead of the game.

Even though Carroll received the first three points, A-D-M racked up eight points before Carroll had a chance to score again.

With only a couple minutes before the first quarter ended, Carroll's Dayton Ross had made all seven points for his team.

By the end of the quarter A-D-M was up 18-11. Matthew Larson had eight of A-D-M's 18 first-quarter points. Teammate Tajen Ross followed Larson with five points by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began, once again, with Dayton Ross scoring the first three points for Carroll.

A-D-M kept racking up points throughout the quarter and soon the score was 32-25. Carter Nordman then fouled Carroll's Colby Vincent who made both of his free throws bumping Carroll's score up (32-27).

With just two seconds left, Vincent made another basket and a foul was called on A-D-M's Larson. Vincent didn't made either of his free throws and the half ended with the A-D-M up four points, 33-29.

A-D-M's Larson with ten points and Tajen Ross with nine were still the leading scorers for A-D-M and Dayton Ross still led with ten points for Carroll.

The third quarter began with a foul called against Samuel McCartney of A-D-M, this was followed up by a basket made by Cole Knoll.

More fouls were called before before Cooper Ross of Carroll made a three pointer and the score was up to 42-32.

Before the end of the third quarter A-D-M scored another 11 points and Carroll scored another 10. The end of the quarter finished with a three point buzzer beater from Larson who was still one of the leading scorers for A-D-M (16 points). The third quarter ended with A-D-M up 53-42.

"I feel like our 'late game' or 'late quarter' patience was much improved, but could still be even better," said Coach Aaron Mager. "I also felt like our execution on some specific sets we run could have been smoother."

The final quarter started out with a foul again. McCartney was called on a foul that allowed Dayton Ross to shoot two free throws, but only make one.

A-D-M gained their next four points from field goals by Payton Conrad and Larson. The score now read 57-43.

From there on out, with a few exceptions, fouls after fouls were called on both teams. Both teams were walking up and down the court to shoot free throws when they fouled offensively, or waited impatiently while their opponent shot another free throw.

The last true basket of the game went to Vincent of Carroll, but his shot was still followed by many fouls. The gamed ended with A-D-M up 74-60.

"I am hoping for some high-spirited practices during the break and to come out in January even better."

A-D-M's next game will be on Tuesday, Jan. 3 at Pella.