Van Meter (VM) played conference rival Ogden on Dec. 20. Van Meter beat Ogden on their home court 64-55.

Sophomore Ryan Schmitt was the leading scorer for VM. He scored seven field goals and made all four of his free throws giving him a total of 18 points. Schmitt also led in rebounds with eight at the end of the game.

The second leading scorer for VM was Mitchell Pomeroy. Pomeroy had 14 points against Ogden after making two field goals, three three pointers and a single free throw.

Ben Heeran had the most points for Ogden, with an outstanding 22 points. Heeran's points were made up of four field goals, four three pointers and two free throws. He also tied with most rebounds with teammate Noah Snedden, each had six.

The second leader in points for Ogden was Nathan Kennedy. Kennedy made seven field goals and four free throws for 18 points.

Blake Fryar led in assists and steals for VM. He finished the game with six assists and three steals. Junior Grant Johnson led VM with seven blocks against Ogden.

Jade Thompson had the most assists for Ogden with a total of six. Thompson also tied with Kennedy for most steals against VM, each had two.

Van Meter beat Odgen 64-55, with this win, their perfect season (7-0) continues. Van Meter will play at Interstate 35, today (Dec. 22) at 6:15 p.m.