Van Meter's boys basketball team played Des Moines Christian on Jan. 6. The Bulldogs ended up beating the Lions by 11 points (66-55) to keep their undefeated season going. The Bulldogs win also ended the Lions undefeated season.

The first quarter went to the Lions, but it started out with the first points going to the Bulldogs.

Ryan Schmitt was the first to score during the game, he made the first two points for the Bulldogs. The Lions came back immediately with two field goals from Ben Juhl. The Lions were now up 4-2.

Both teams kept racking up points until the Bulldogs had to call a timeout and the score read 12-8 with the Lions leading.

After the timeout Mitchell Pomeroy scored a three pointer for the Bulldogs. This comeback didn't last long and after a field goal and a couple free throws by the Lions they were up once again 16-11.

Blake Fryar ended the quarter for the Bulldogs with a three pointer. With his basket, the Bulldogs were now only down two points when the quarter ended 16-14.

The Lions began the second quarter with two field goals, the first by Juhl and the second made by Austin Mona.

Freshman Ian Abrahamson tried to stop the Lions scoring streak with a field goal of his own, only to be followed by another basket from Juhl.

Juhl kept going and made another three pointer for the Lions. The scoreboard now read 25-16 in favor of the Lions.

Juhl led the Lions in overall points on the night. He had 20 points on his own after making eight field goals, one three pointer and one free throw.

Fryar shot again adding another two points to the Bulldogs score. While the clock ticked down the Bulldogs added ten more points to their side of the scoreboard and the Lions only added five. The half ended with the Bulldogs still down two points, 30-28.

The third quarter was the the quarter the Bulldogs finally got their lead. Fryar started it with a three pointer, immediately putting the Bulldogs ahead.

Fryar was the Bulldogs second leading scorer with 13 points. He finished the game with three field goals, two three pointers and one free throw.

Lion Grant Veurink then score a field goal allowing the Lions to be back in the lead, but only by a single point.

Junior Grant Johnson made the next basket that put the Bulldogs in the lead. Johnson was the leading scorer of the night for the Bulldogs. He had seven field goals and two free throws to total 16 points.

When the Bulldogs had the possession again, Schmitt scored another field goal but was fouled while shooting. The foul was called on Nathan Herbers, unfortunately Schmitt didn't make his free throw and the score remained at 35-32.

Juhl gained the next point for the Lions when Bulldog Jack Trudo had a fouled called against him. Soon enough the score read 38-33, this was the Bulldogs biggest lead of the game yet.

After a few more possessions, and a few more shots for either team, Pomeroy threw up another three pointer for the Bulldogs.

The quarter ended when Lions' Isaac Prewitt fouled Trudo, who made one-of-two of his free throws. With the score at 44-35 the quarter ended.

The Lions began the final quarter with a three pointer from Herbers. Although, Herbers shot was followed by a field goal from Abrahamson.

Once they were into the quarter the Lions finally started to catch up. Mona scored another five points for the Lions and now there was only a four point spread (55-51).

The next four points for the Bulldogs came from Johnson, the next two points for the Lions were from Juhl. At this point the score was 59-53.

After Juhl scored, the Bulldogs added another seven points that the Lions just couldn't keep up with. When the final buzzer went off, the Lions had only added another two points and the final score was 66-55.

The Bulldogs now have a 9-0 record and are looking for their tenth win on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at Earlham at 7:30 p.m.