On Friday, Feb. 3, the Waukee Warriors' girls basketball team hosted the Ankeny Hawks. The Warriors won the game with a 42 point lead (80-38).

The Hawks were the ones to begin the game. Hawk Molly Close had the very first field goal of the game to put the Hawks ahead.

Junior Sydney Shadravan followed Close's field goal up with another field goal of her own for the Hawks. On her way up, she was fouled by Warrior Brianna Hartman which allowed her to shoot a free throw. Shadravan didn't make her free throw and the Warriors gained the possession.

The Warriors then went on a scoring spree. First it was two three pointers, one by Carlie Littlefied and one by Kylie Coleman. On the next few possession, Littlefield scored another five points for the Warriors with a three pointer and a field goal. The score was now 11-4.

Littlefield and Coleman were the leading scorers for the Warriors. Littlefield scored 22 points and Coleman scored 17 points against the Hawks.

After the Hawks called a timeout, Jori Nieman scored another two points for the Warriors while being fouled by Meghan Trimble. Nieman made her one free throw.

The quarter kept going until the scoreboard read 21-8. Shadravan was the one to try to score the last two points of the quarter, but Littlefield was able to make a field goal at the buzzer to add another two points to the Warriors score. The first quarter ended 23-8.

The Warriors started the second quarter with an immediate seven points. The first four were by Callie Earney and the three pointer was scored by Coleman. Shadravan was the Hawk to stop the Warriors with a three pointer.

Earney had another two points for the Warriors before the Hawks scored six more. Freshman Ashley Harrington was the one responsible for these two three pointers for the Hawks.

Earney was one of the Warriors leading scorers against the Hawks. She finished the night with 16 points after scoring five field goals, one three pointer and three free throws.

After a foul called against the Hawks on the Warriors' next possession and after the two free throws were made, the score was 34-17.

The Warriors scored eight more points before the half ended and the Hawks had another five. This time, Shadravan was the one to end the quarter with a field goal and put the score at 42-22.

The second half began with a foul called against the Warriors that allowed Sara McCullough to make two free throws. While on offense, Littlefield was then fouled and made both of her free throws.

More fouls were being called against both teams and free throws were given out as well. Soon enough. the score read 47-25 with the Warriors still leading.

The Hawks kept trying to catch up, but soon Coleman scored a three pointer and the Warriors were up 25 points (57-32).

The Hawks were able to score four more points before the end of the third quarter to finish it off at 57-36.

The Warriors had field goals by Earney and Rebecca Corbett to start the final quarter.

The two field goals were just followed by a foul called against Paityn Rau allowing Trimble to shoot two free throws for the Hawks. These were the only two points the Hawks score the entire quarter.

With just two minutes two go, the score was 76-38. The Hawks had the opportunity to score four more points when the Warriors had two fouls called against them, but none of the free throws were made.

Unlike the Hawks, the Warriors were able to make their last four points from free throws. The final score of the game was 80-38.

The Warriors now have a 15-3 record on the season, their next game will be on Feb. 7 against Hoover at 6:15 p.m.