The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs played Indians of Indianola on Friday, Feb. 3. The Indians ended up earning their second win of the season when they beat the Mustangs 63-55.

The Mustangs started the game out ahead when the first quarter ended 16-12. The Indians took the lead in the third quarter when it ended 41-38.

The Mustangs leading scorer of the game was Senior Trevor Grove. He ended the game with 21 points against the Indians after scoring one field goal, three three pointers and ten free throws.

Steve Borneman was the Mustangs second leading scorer for the Mustangs. He finished the game with three field goals, one three pointer and one free throw for a total of ten points.

The Indians leading scorer of the night was Evan Gauger. The sophomore had five field goals and seven free throws for 17 points.

With 13 points was Brady Held. Held was the second leading scorer after he made one field goal, three three pointers and two free throws.

Grove also led the Mustangs in rebounds. He finished the game with one offensive and six defensive rebounds for a total of seven rebounds. The second leader of rebounds was Tanner Epple. Epple has six rebounds, four offensive and two defensive. The two Mustangs combined had 13 of the teams 25 rebounds.

The leader of rebounds for the Indians was Quinn Vesey. He finished the game with a whopping 15 rebounds. Vesey's rebounds were made up only three offensive rebounds and 12 defensive rebounds.

Three Indians tied for second leader of rebounds. Those three Indians were Gauger, Held and Colin Fitzgerald, both had six each. The Indians finished the game with 45 rebounds.

The Mustangs only had nine assists the entire game. Grove, Borneman and Damon Clapper had six of the nine with two each.

The Indians had ten assists. Held led the team with three of the assists.

With only two steals, Brody Kleen led the Mustangs in steals.

Gauger had five of the eight steals for the Indians to allow him to lead the team.

The Mustangs lost to the Indians 63-55 to put their record at 12-5 for the season. The Mustangs will now take on Pella Christian on Feb. 7 at 7:45 p.m. in Pella.