The Van Meter Bulldogs will be playing the Woodward Academy Knights, tonight (Feb. 9) at 7:30 p.m.

The last time the two teams played one another, the Bulldogs sent the Knights home after a 81-38 win.

Junior Mitchell Pomeroy was the the leading scorer for the Bulldogs. Alone, he had 20 points against the Knights earlier this season. Pomeroy's points consisted of just one field goal, but also six three pointers.

Five points behind Pomeroy was Blake Fryar with 15 points for the Bulldogs. Fryar's 15 allowed him to be the second leading scorer of the game. He made one field goal, three three pointers and four field goals.

The two leading scorers for the Knights were Carlmain Lottie and Kashad Hawthorne.

Lottie had 13 points throughout the game. He scored six field goals and one free throw over the Bulldogs. Hawthorne had 11 points for the Knights. His points were made up of two field goals, one three pointer and four free throws. These two Knights had over half of the team's score combined.

Two Warriors tied for the leader of rebounds against the Knights. These two were Grant Johnson and Ryan Schmitt, each with seven. Grant Johnson finished the game with one offensive and six defensive rebounds, while Schmitt had three offensive and four that were defensive.

The rebound leader for the Knights was Ammari Johnson. He led the Knights with a total of six rebounds, all of which were defensive. The Knights' second leader of rebounds was Jay'Quise Norton. Norton finished with three offensive rebounds and one defensive rebound.

J.J. Durflinger had six of the Bulldogs 24 assists and was followed by Schmitt with five of his own. Durflinger and Schmitt led the Bulldogs with a combined 11 assists the last time they played the Knights.

The Knights only had five assists when they played the Bulldogs earlier this season. Hawthorne led the team with a total of two assists.

Ian Abrahamson, Jack Trudo and Durflinger tied with two steals each for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs finished the game with a total of ten steals.

The Knights had eight steals by the end of the game, Ammari Johnson and Lottie had two each.

Schmitt also led the Bulldogs with three of their six blocks and Ammari Johnson had the only two blocks for the Knights.

When the Bulldogs played the Knights at the beginning of the season, they won 81-38. The two teams will meet again tonight (Feb. 9) in Van Meter at 7:30 p.m. This will also be the Bulldogs last regular season game.