The Van Meter Bulldogs played the Woodward Academy Knights on Thursday, Feb. 9 for their last regular season game. The Bulldogs have extended their season record to 20-1 when they beat the Knights 58-44.

The first quarter started out with only a one point lead for the Bulldogs. Blake Fryar made the first basket of the game (a three pointer), just to have it followed by a field goal from Ammari Johnson for the Knights.

The quarter continued like this until J.J. Durflinger made a three pointer for the Bulldogs and put the score at 8-6.

The Bulldogs kept going and the Knights began to slow down. When the first quarter ended the scoreboard read 15-10.

The second quarter began with two points for the Bulldogs, but then was followed by a single point for the Knights after a foul was called.

A three pointer was made by the Bulldogs, a three pointer was made by the Knights.

This cycle continued until the Bulldogs earned seven points before the Knights could score again. The score was now 29-17.

Knights' Armman Johnson proceed to end the quarter with a field goal and a three pointer, practically from half court, at the buzzer. The score at half time was 29-22.

The third quarter began with a shot-four combination called against Knight Ruben Islas. Fryar had scored another field goal for the Bulldogs and was then able to make another free throw to begin the quarter.

The next two points were also for the Bulldogs, but the following four were made by the Knights. Armman Johnson made the first field goal and Ammari Johnson followed it up with a dunk for two more points.

Amarri Johnson was the leading scorer for the Knights with a total of 18 points. He made six field goals, one three pointer and three free throws.

The Bulldogs still pulled ahead and soon the score was 43-30. The third quarter ended with two fouls called against the Knights and a field goal made by Fryar to put the Bulldogs up 15 points (45-30).

The first field goal of the final quarter was shot by Bulldog Grant Johnson. Grant was one of the Bulldogs leading scorers of the night. He finished the game with 13 points from his two field goals and three three pointers.

J.J. Durflinger tied with Grant for leading scorer. He also had two field goals and three three pointers.

The Bulldogs' two points were followed by another two for the Knights made by Carlmain Lottie.

Soon, Ammari Johnson made another field goal for the Knights and Grant Johnson had made a three pointer for the Bulldogs and the scoreboard read 56-36.

The clock kept ticking, J.J. Durflinger was the last Bulldog to score, while the Knights still had three points to go. Eventually the clock did run out and the score read 58-44.

The Bulldogs still won the game by 14 points to boost their record up to 20-1. Their next game is the first round of regional play on Feb. 16. This game will be in Van Meter at 8:00 p.m., but the opponent will be determined on the bracket-winner of Clarke versus Woodward Academy.