The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs played the Pella Dutch on Friday, Feb. 10. The Mustangs lost to the Dutch, 81-74, in triple overtime.

The first quarter began slowly. More than halfway through the quarter and the Dutch were up five, but the score was only 10-5. The game finally got more interesting when Tanner Epple made a three pointer at the buzzer, ending the quarter 18-14 with the Mustangs leading.

Drew Pringle started the second quarter with two points for the Dutch, only to have Steve Borneman shoot a three pointer for the Mustangs. The Dutch then made another field goal on their next offensive possession followed by one for the Mustangs. The score was now 23-18.

The Mustangs were only able to score six more points before the half ended and the Dutch could only make four. The first half ended 29-22.

The Dutch were able to get within one point of the Mustangs when they began the third quarter with eight points to the Mustangs two. The first field goal for the Dutch was made by Ryan VanWyk which was followed by two three pointers, one from Donovan Holterhaus and the other made by Pringle.

Trevor Grove made the first two points of the quarter for the Mustangs. After the Dutch's scoring spree, Jordan Humphreys was able to keep them behind one point with another field goal that put the score at 33-32.

Grove shot a three pointer followed by a field goal made by Damon Clapper to end the quarter for the Mustangs at 44-40.

Grove was the Mustangs leading scorer against the Dutch. He had 17 points from his seven free throws and one three pointer.

The Dutch had the lead again when Nick DeJong made the first field goal of the fourth quarter followed by a three pointer from Holterhaus.

The score was tied up after Trent Pride made a free throw, but not for long. A shot-foul combination was called and the Dutch were now up 47-45.

After a few more possession, Borneman scored the last two points for the Mustangs to put the score at 53-51. Once the Dutch regained the possession, DeJong made a basket to tie up the score. Another foul was called, but no free throws were given and the fourth quarter ended 53-53.

The Dutch had the first possession of the first overtime, but the Mustangs had the first two field goals, but the Dutch were able to stop the lead with a three pointer.

Fouls kept being called against both teams, but soon the Dutch had a three point lead over the Mustangs (60-57).

Two more fouls were called against the Mustangs, both allowed free throws. Of the four free throws that were given, only two were made. Humphreys had the next point for the Mustangs when he was fouled by Nick Finney.

The Mustangs got within one point again when Grove shot a field goal and the score was 61-60. One more free throw for the Dutch and one more field goal for the Mustangs and the game was going into double overtime.

This time, the Mustangs had the first possession, but the Dutch had the first two points.

Once again, the game kept going back and forth, both the Mustangs and the Dutch only scored nine points by the end of the second overtime. When the buzzer signaled the end of the sixth period the score was 71-71 and they were going into triple overtime.

The third overtime began with three fouls called against the Mustangs. Only four free throws were given out with the three fouls, and two actually went through the hoop.

The first field goal of the period was made by Tyson Wassenaar of the Dutch. The Dutch were now up 75-71.

Epple scored the first two points of the third overtime for the Mustangs, only to have it followed by one for the Dutch by VanWyk.

Finney was then called on a foul allowing Epple to make a free throw for the Mustangs. Epple's shot would be the last point of the game for the Mustangs. The Dutch made four more free throws before the final buzzer went off and the score read 81-74.

The Mustangs now hold a 12-7 record on the season. Their next game, a make up game from earlier in the season, is on Monday, Feb. 13, at Oskaloosa at 7:00 p.m.