The Waukee Warriors girls basketball team will be playing the Pleasant Valley Spartans tonight, Feb. 21, for the regional championship game.

The Warriors and the Spartans have not played each other this season, and this game will determine which team will head to Wells Fargo Arena for the State Tournament.

Currently the Warriors hold a 17-4 record, while the Spartans have a 19-3 record this season.

Carlie Littlefield is the leading scorer this season for the Warriors, she has 402 points going into tonight's game. Littlefield has made 96 field goals this season, 54 three pointers and 80 free throws. She averages 19.1 points per game.

Averaging 11.8 points per game is Warrior Kylie Coleman. Coleman has scored 247 points this season. She has scored 35 field goals, 55 three pointers and 22 free throws. She is 46.2 percent in field goal percentage and three point percentage.

The leading scorer for the Spartans is Ellie Spelhaug with 355 points. She has made 104 field goals, 29 three pointers and 60 free throws. She average 16.1 points per game.

Carli Spelhaug follows with 245 points this season. She averages 11.1 points per game. Carli has a 49.2 field goal percentage and a 68.8 free throw percentage.

Littlefield also leads the Warriors in rebounds. She has 155 rebounds, 50 that were offensive and 105 that were defensive.

Junior Brianna Hartman average 3.7 rebounds a game allowing her to be the second leader of rebounds for the Warriors. She has had 37 each of offensive and defensive rebounds for a total of 74.

Ellie Spelhaug leads in rebounds for the Spartans. She has 165 going into the game against the Warriors. She has had 63 offensive rebounds and 102 defensive rebounds this year.

Rory Donahue has 154 rebounds this season. She averages seven rebounds a game from her 61 offensive rebounds and 93 defensive rebounds she has had this year.

With 100 assists for the Warriors is Littlefield. She is the leader this season, and the Warriors all time career leader. Jori Nieman follows Littlefield with 58 assists this season for second leader.

Carli Spelhaug and Ellie Spelhaug are the leaders in assists for the Spartans. Carli has 62 so far this season and Ellie has 53.

Littlefield is also the Warriors career leader in steals. This season alone she has had 79 steals for the Warriors. The second leader is Rebecca Corbett with 40 steals.

The leader in steals for the Spartans was Carli Spelhaug. Carli has 106 going into the game tonight. With 48 steals, for the second leader, is Mallory Lafever.

Hartman leads the Warriors in blocks this season with a total of 30. The second leader is Paityn Rau with 16 blocks currently.

With 16 blocks, Ellie Spelhaug leads the Spartans into tonight's game. Behind Ellie is Adrea Arthofer and Grace Budde, each with 13 blocks.

The game will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Waukee. This game will determine wich Class 5A Region 6 team will move on to the State Basketball Tournament.