The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs will take on the Ballard Bombers tonight, Feb. 23, for the district championship.

The Mustangs and Bombers played one another once, earlier this season. The Mustangs won the game 59-46.

The leading scorer of the game for the Mustangs was Trevor Grove. Grove had 25 points against the Bombers. His points consisted of eight field goals, two three pointers and three free throws.

The second leading scorer was junior Tyler Cooney with eight points. He had three field goals and two free throws.

Grove leads the Mustangs in points for the season. He has 82 field goals, 43 three pointers and 58 free throws for a total of 351 points going into tonight's game.

With 12 points against the Mustangs, Austin Edwards led the Bombers in points. Edwards made one field goal, three three pointers and one free throw.

The second leading scorer was Tyler Ihle. He had ten points from his three field goals and four free throws.

Ihle is the leading scorer for the Bombers this season. He has 330 points so far. Ihle has made 78 field goals, 29 three pointers and 87 free throws.

Grove also led the Mustangs in rebounds. He had the only four offensive rebounds of the game and had seven defensive rebounds.

The second leader of rebounds was Steve Borneman. The junior had six rebounds, all of which were defensive.

Grove leads in rebounds for the season as well. He averages 5.7 rebounds per game from his 25 offensive rebounds and 101 defensive rebounds so far this year.

Isaac Schafbuch led the Bombers, earlier this season, in rebounds. He finished the game with five defensive rebounds.

The second leader for the Bombers was Max Stoltz. Stoltz had four rebounds against the Mustangs, one that was offensive and three that were defensive.

The leader of rebounds is Ihle, with 117 rebounds. His 24 offensive rebounds and 93 defensive rebounds have allowed him to average 5.3 rebounds per game.

The 11 assists for the Mustangs were spread out throughout the team. Jack Duey, Jordan Humphreys, Tanner Epple, Justin Protzman and Borneman had two assists each and Grove had one.

With 76 assists, Borneman leads the Mustangs going into tonight's game. He is followed by Duey with 41 assists this season.

Ihle led the Bombers with six of the team's ten assists in the game against the Mustangs. Stoltz was the second leader with two assists.

Ihle has a total of 73 assists to lead the Bombers this season. Junior Trey Drummond is the second leader of assists for the Bombers on the season with 56.

Borneman had four steals for the Mustangs allowing him to lead the team. The second leaders in steals were Humphreys and Epple with three each.

Borneman is the leader this season of steals. He has 34 steals so far this season. Behind him, with 31 steals, is Grove.

Stoltz was the leader of steals for the Bombers against the Mustangs, with a total of three. Taylor Roberts and Edwards tied with two assists for second leader of the Bombers.

Although Ihle didn't lead during the last game against the Mustangs, he is the leader of steals for the season. Ihle has 39 steals for the Bombers this year and Drummond follows with 33.

The Mustangs only had two blocks against the Bombers, one from Grove and one from Borneman.

Senior Brody Kleen is the overall leader of blocks for the Mustangs. This season he has 35 blocks. With 20 blocks, is Grove for the second leader on the season.

The Bombers only had two blocks as well, Roberts had one and Keegan Odden and one.

The leader of blocks for the Bombers only has a total of seven; this Bomber is Roberts. The second leader is Drummond with a total of four blocks going into tonight's game.

The Mustangs beat the Bombers 59-46 earlier this season. The two team will play each other once again tonight, at 7:30 p.m. in Grimes, for the district championship game. This game will determine which team will move on to substate.