The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs played the Ballard Bombers for the Class 3A District 4 final on Feb. 23. The loud, fast paced game ended with the Mustangs winning 67-55.

The game immediately started out loud and fast paced with the Mustangs gaining the first possession after the tipoff. It still took at least a minute before the first two points were scored, though.

The two points for the Mustangs came from a foul called against Bomber Cade Wilson. Mustang Brody Kleen shot two free throws to put the first two points on the board. The Mustangs continued to score and soon they were up 7-0.

Finally the Bombers began to score. Trent Pride had a foul called against him that allowed Bomber Max Stoltz to make two free throws and the scoreboard now read 11-7. The Bombers were catching up.

Stoltz had the next five points before the Mustangs could score again. The Bombers were officially up one point (12-11).

Tanner Epple brought the Mustangs back up with another field goal at the very end of the quarter. It looked as though the Mustangs were going to end the quarter up one point, but the Bomber said otherwise. Junior Trey Drummond shot another hoop at the buzzer that ended the quarter 14-13 with the Bombers leading.

The second quarter began with a foul called against the Mustangs. Damon Clapper shot the first basket of the quarter followed by a three pointer from Trevor Grove. The Mustangs were now back up four points (18-14). Ethan Torkelson then closed the gap for the Bombers with a three pointer.

With the clock ticking down and many more possessions, the score read 26-25 with the Mustangs in the lead.

The last shot of the half was a three pointer from Pride that put the Mustangs up four points (29-25).

Kleen had the first two points of the third quarter for the Mustangs, just to have it followed by a three pointer for the Bombers from Drummond.

Drummond was the leading scorer for the Bombers. He scored 21 points from his four field goals, three three pointers and four free throws.

Four more points for the Bombers to the Mustangs'  three and the score was 34-31. The Mustangs continued to lead, but the gap was closing.

Kleen then made another on the Mustangs following offensive possession. Kleen was the Mustangs leading scorer of the night.

Steve Borneman then had a foul called against him that allowed senior Austin Edward to shoot two free throws for the Bombers.

With just 12 seconds of left of the third quarter, Jordan Humphreys made a field goal for the Mustangs that finished the quarter at 45-39.

The fourth quarter began with two three pointers, the first for the Mustangs, the second for the Bombers.

Fouls kept being called the rest of the quarter. With few shot-foul combinations, the Mustangs gained 19 points before the final buzzer went off almost entirely from free throws.

The Bombers also earned ten points from the fouls called against the Mustangs. Although, Bomber senior Jack Baumhover was the one to end the game with a three pointer to put the final score at 67-55.

The Mustangs' win over the Bombers have allowed them to move on to the Class 3A Substate 2 finals. The Mustangs will now play Boone on Monday, Feb. 27, in Johnston at 7:00 p.m.