The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs golf team hosted their first golf meet on Thursday, April 6 at the Beaver Creek Golf Course. The Mustangs hosted the Norwalk Warriors and the Pella Dutch.

The Mustangs finished the meet with 176 strokes as a team and first place went to the Warriors with 168 strokes.

The par for the nine holes was 36.

Jason Dominick was the leading Mustang. Dominick finished with 42 strokes that put him in second place overall. He tied with Warriors Tanner Dunn and Connor Scott. First place went to Warrior Riley Jermeir, who had 40 strokes.

The next two leading Mustangs were Ben Porepp and Devon Johnson.

The two Mustangs shot a 44 which put them in eighth place. Not only were the Mustangs tied with one another, they were tied with Warriors Blake Johnson and Jared Mallett and Luke Galeazzi for the Dutch.

Mustang Derek Shanno tied with Dutch Trey Wood for 17th place. The two finished with a score of 46 strokes.

Hunter Allen placed 21st at the meet when he finished with a score of 49 strokes for the Mustangs.

With 60 strokes, Justin Hanneman finished up the meet for the Mustangs.

“Our boys played really solid,” said coach Jordan Ray. “Being our first home meet of the season, we were able to grind out some good rounds. We have many young guys who are playing well and are competitive.”

The Mustangs next meet is on Tuesday, April 11 in Grinnell.