The Waukee Warriors girls soccer team played the Ankeny Centennial Jaguars at home on Friday, April 14. The Warriors are now 4-0 on the season after beating the Jaguars 3-1.

The game started out quick for the Warriors and it didn’t take long for the first goal to be made. The Warriors immediately had control of the ball and Rebecca Corbett took advantage with a shot that went into an open net. Just five minutes into the game and the Warriors were up 1-0.

After restarting the game, possession went back and forth. The Jaguars were able to get a few shots in before the half ended, but none that Warrior keeper, Emily LeVere, wasn’t able to stop.

It wasn’t until the last 20 seconds of the first half that the Jaguars were finally able to score. Sophomore Lizzy Johnson was the Jaguar that brought the score up to 1-1 at halftime.

Just like the first half, the Warriors gained control of the ball almost immediately. The Warriors brought the ball down to the Jaguars’ side of the field and with a quick pass from Allie Williams to Corbett a second goal for the Warriors was scored in just five minutes. Corbett only had three shots the entire game, two of which went into the net.

The Warriors kept control most of the game, but when given the opportunity, the Jaguars shot the ball. The Jaguars had six shots on goals by the end of the game.

After a green card was called against the Jaguars due to a slide tackle, the Warriors were given a free kick that allowed them to regain possession once more.

After a few more free kicks and shots made by the Warriors, only 12 minutes remained in the game. The Jaguars then had another penalty called against them that allowed the Warriors yet another free kick.

Maya Olson was the Warrior who was given the indirect kick. She shot the ball high and it curved back down into the far corner of the net. Olson’s goal put the final point on the board and got the Warriors up two (3-1).

Both the Jaguars and the Warriors continued to fight for another goal the rest of the game, but neither was able to make it happen.

The Warriors won the game 3-1 and put the Jaguars season record at 2-1 while staying undefeated. The Warriors next match is Tuesday, April 18 against Marshalltown at 7:30 p.m.