The Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies golf team hosted their second and final home golf meet of the season on Tuesday, April 18. The Fillies played the Pella Dutch and the Norwalk Warriors.

The Fillies took second with a team score of 205 strokes, they were led by the Dutch who finished with 189 strokes. Only four of the six golfers’ final scores counted in their team’s score.

Lydia Steier led the the Fillies with 46 strokes at the Beaver Creek Golf Course. This score allowed her to tie with the Dutch’s Pearl Doty and medal at the meet.

Two Fillies ended the meet with a score of 51 strokes. Aubree Klug and Sarah Rauschenberg were the second leaders of the meet for the Fillies. Klug ended up placing eighth overall and Rauschenberg placed ninth. The two were also tied with Micaela Veenstra from Pella who placed tenth.

To finish up the Fillies 205 strokes was Grace Wengert. Wengert had 57 strokes on the nine holes and placed 14th.

The final two Fillies were Maddie Calease and Reagan Stokely. Calease finished with a score of 58 and Stokely ended with 63 strokes.

The Fillies next meet is on Tuesday, April 25 at 4:15 p.m. at Westwoods Country Club in Newton. The Fillies will be playing Newton and Knoxville.